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LED lighting of 4 indoor courts and 1 outdoors to be used in tournaments.

With a 56% energy saving, the project also improved the courts' usability: average soil lighting over 400 lux, uniformity 0.85 Emin/Emed.
Lighting solutions specially designed for sporting events offer excellent glare control, which is critical during key shots such as serve, volley and smash.
The high color rendering (>85) improves depth perception and reaction times throughout the game.
Although average illuminance was boasted, we expect a 4 year return on investment.
The outdoor court project makes the most of led modular system. The Italian National Olympic Committee sets the rules for sports complex and outdoor tennis courts standards are as follows:

- 200 lux / 0.6 uniformity for recreational sporting events,

- 300 lux / 0.7 uniformity for competitive local sporting events,

- 500 lux / 0.7 uniformity for competitive national and international sporting events.

Using a different number of modules, the three lighting levels can be achieved with a constant 0.86 uniformity. No need for re-orientation.
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