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Schneiberg Museum
Provana di Collegno palace | Torino | Italia
28 July 2022
Manifesto dell'abitare kick-off

Litelab joins the Manifesto dell'abitare
The Manifesto is marked by indisciplinarity: a true overall design cannot be achieved with the contribution of a single area of experience: curious and fascinated by innovation and the future, we want to measure living not only in square meters, but in quality of relationships, starting from the domestic walls up to the discovery of the neighborhood.
28 July 2022
TX Group | Zurich

Installation of the special tunable-white suspension for the workstations.
13 July 2022
TX Group | Zurich

Completed the development and production of special suspensions for stairs.
6 July 2022
Civic Archaeological Museum | Bologna

Positioning and adjustment of the new projectors in the rooms relating to the history of the city and the Etruscan Italic, Greek, Roman collections.
28 June 2021
Amazon Logistics opening
Cividate al Piano | Bergamo | Italia

The new logistics center has been inaugurated, for a total of 189,000 m2
The lighting project was a part of the Climate Pledge, with which Amazon is committed to achieving zero CO2 emissions by 2040, 10 years ahead of the goals set by the Paris Agreement.
15 October 2020
Azure The Oceanic - Sky Mansion
Chennai | Tamil Nadu | India

credits: Appaswamy Real Estates Limited
21 September 2020
Amazon Logistics
Castelguglielmo | Rovigo

credits: La Voce di Rovigo
January 2020
Schneiberg Museum
Provana di Collegno palace

The special suspended structure 7.2 x 10.6 m was installed In the main hall of the museum and the aiming and adjustment phase of the zoom and profile projectors began.
13 December 2019
Second place in the Contest
for the Palazzo Affari ai Giureconsulti

Project team with architects Nunzio Gabriele Sciveres and Federico Guarini.
7-10 November 2019
Litelab at ACETECH 2019

Litelab partecipates with the light installation  «time is life | luxury | wisdom»
and the speech about lighting design approach  «Museum, a built space»
during the International Lighting Summit
October 2019
Amazon Logistics
Castelguglielmo | Rovigo

Lighting project for the new 189'ooo square meter logistic center.
The project requirements were: maximum energy efficiency and high uniformity.
credits: La Voce di Rovigo
April 2019
Tarsis palace
Via San Paolo | Milano

Facade lighting project, approved by the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape
Domus  n.901
Teatro della Luna | Milano
Luce  n.317
BCG offices | Milano
Officelayout  n.179
Light and Wellness
Luce  n.331
Palaindoor | Ancona
Luce e Design  n.6
Hotel Lutetia | Paris

LITELAB India | Chennai

LITELAB India | Bengaluru

Via Vigevanese 3 | 20090 Buccinasco | Milano
[p] +39 02 8454 0478
No: 8 H-109 | 7th Avenue | Mahatma Gandhi Road | Besant Nagar | Chennai
Tamil Nadu 600090 | India
[p] +91 44 4213 8009
Cube 27, 3rd floor | Puttenahalli Road
Puttenahalli | 7th Phase | J. P. Nagar
Bengaluru | 560078 Karnataka | India
[p] +91 80 4098 7009
Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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